Frequently AskedQuestions

Contact our mobile service for answers to any other questions that are not listed below.

How do I know what size bin I will need?

Check the guide on the Skip Sizes page, look at the photo to estimate if your waste will fit. If that doesn’t help, just ask us, we can estimate what you will need by speaking to you over the phone.



How much notice do I need to obtain a skip bin?

So long as the bin is ordered before 12 noon, we can generally have a bin delivered to you on the same day.



How long can I keep the bin?

Our standard hire period is 10 days.



How much can I load into a bin?

Skip bins can be filled to the top rim ONLY. It is illegal for us to transport overfilled bins.



What IS NOT permitted in the bin?

Asbestos, Tyres, Liquid Waste (paint / oil / chemicals etc), Hazardous Waste, Tree Trunks. Dry Paint in tins is ok


What can go in the skip bin?

So long as you avoid the “What is not permitted in the bin” items, the list is endless, but here are a few examples.

General Waste

Most household clean up waste, cardboard, renovation waste, clothes, books, toys, old furniture, carpet, white goods, boxes etc.

Green Waste

Garden prunings, grass clippings, bark, wood, palm leaves etc.

Solid Waste

Bricks/concrete and sand/soil.



Can you collect the bin earlier if we have filled it sooner than anticipated?

We can collect the bin sooner if required. Call us and we can tailor our service to suit your needs.


Can the bin be placed on the nature strip?

Within the Brisbane City Council area we can, so long as it does not obstruct access or cover any pits (Telstra, Energex etc). Please note that they can not be placed on the nature strip in the Gold Coast district.